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We are proud of the results that we have delivered to our clients here at HealthQuest. We want to take this opportunity to share with you some of the things our clients are saying about the care they received at HealthQuest, and how it has enhanced their lives.

At 14 months old, our patient battled chronic ear infections which were treated with antibiotics. After visiting HealthQuest Chiropractic :
"...For almost 2 years since our first visit to HealthQuest, we have not had to visit the doctor for ear infections! When he gets a cold, we get adjustments instead of antibiotics. Within 24 hours of the adjustment, his ears will drain any fluid buildup. --Kim B."

Pre-mature birth, asthma
"After being treated at HealthQuest Chiropractic, his asthma attacks have been virtually eliminated. We do not use prescription preventative medications for the treatment of asthma, we now rely on natural relief from our Chiropractor! -- Vicki M."

Chronic Back Pain - Teenager
"...My back was always hurting from cheer leading and running track. I was always in a bad mood because I was hurting. I feel so much better now and since there is not as much pain in my back, my 'moods' have been much, much better!" -Kayla P.

Don't Wait for Care!
"I couldn't walk, sit, or stand without a great deal of pain. I had to use a cane to walk. (Now I have) no pain, I feel great! Don't wait until you are 65 or older to try chiropractic care. It can make a real difference in your life." - Sally W.

Pediatric Subluxation
"...Since being treated, my baby has become much happier, friendlier, and more active. Her posture has also improved as a result of our experience." -Gloria A.

Back Problems/Active Sporting Lifestyle
"...My back problems would get really bad sometimes and I would often have trouble moving properly. Now, I no longer have back pain like I used to before. I don't have any pains in my joints any longer. " - Jennifer H.

Avoided Lifetime of Drugs
"Dr. Chris, My doctor recommended that I start taking thyroid medication. Instead of filling the prescription I immediately made an appointment with you to discuss natural supplement options. I took the supplements... as you directed, ...for three months. Then I had my blood work checked again. The results were normal. I have been getting regular bloodwork to keep an eye on it; however the results have been normal ever since. It really feels good that I am giving my body a healthy remedy instead of being on medicine for the rest of my life. Thank you."
-Glenda G.

Chiropractic For Everyone
"I honestly don't know how people live without a chiropractor..." - Walt G.

We help hundreds of practice members each week achieve higher and higher levels of health...
We invite you to join us and experience being the healthiest you have ever been!

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