Corporate Programs

In today's corporate workplace there is a significant need for stress management, preventative healthcare and proactive healthy living plans. We offer an innovative program called "The Healthy Workforce Corporate Wellness Program" that can help companies accommodate these growing needs.

Our program is designed to improve the health, productivity, and morale of your employees/clients. The goal is to decrease injury, absenteeism, medical and workers comp claims, and help to manage stress, all of which will improve your company's bottom line. We are available to provide "lunch and learn" events or evening talks to your company. Some of our popular topics include:

  • Stress and its Adverse Effects on Your Health
  • The 24 Day Challenge (Cleanse and Nutrition Program)
  • The Mind-Body Connection  
  • Office Ergonomics  
  • Healthy Weight Management (with program available)
  • Raising a Healthy, Drug-Free Family
  • Chiropractic and the Nervous System
  • The Effects of Whiplash Injury


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